Entrepreneur Story: Lakota Inspirations

Entrepreneur Story: Lakota Inspirations

Latasha (23) and Joshua (27) are the brains behind Native American jewellery and accessories brand, Lakota Inspirations and they’ve shared with us their challenges and advice for fellow young entrepreneurs, as well as how Yoco has helped their business grow.

Together they’ve built their business on customer feedback and adding that personal touch. They focus on really giving the customer what they want and it shows – just look at the glowing feedback on their Facebook page!

We chatted to them about their inspirations, challenges and how Yoco has helped their business. Here’s what they had to say.

Lakota Inspirations use Yoco

The inspiration behind the Inspiration

Latasha got the idea for Lakota Inspirations, a jewellery, accessories and decor shop, in late 2014 while studying her undergrad. She’s always loved Native American culture, which inspired her to make unique jewellery for herself.

“I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I started creating jewellery that I would like to wear.”


The more she wore them out, the more people asked her to make pieces for them too – and that’s how the business began. Josh also has a passion for the Native American aesthetic and came on board a bit later to add a more masculine element to the range.

The challenges of being a young entrepreneur

Because they are young entrepreneurs, Latasha and Josh feel that people sometimes don’t take them seriously because they don’t have as much market experience as others in the field.

“People judge you on how young you look and often assume that what you’re selling is not of high quality.”

They’ve learned to deal with this setback by making sure their products speak for themselves. They put a lot of effort into ensuring everything they do is of the best possible quality. Although people may be skeptical at first, once they interact with the product and see it up close they realise it’s the real deal.

Some advice from the inside

Latasha and Josh had some words of encouragement for other young people looking to start a business.

“You can start small, you don’t need a huge budget. Take the thing that you love doing and keep doing it. You figure things out as you go.”

It’s often an overwhelming feeling starting a business. You can feel like you need large amounts of capital, like you have to “go big or go home”. But Lakota shows us that this doesn’t have to be the case. They started by making one or two pieces, and grew organically. The main thing is to get moving, learn and adapt from there.

For more pearls of wisdom from young South African entrepreneurs, check out this article.

Jewellery Business Payments Solutions

Yoco – helping entrepreneurs grow

Using Yoco to accept payments has helped them to be seen as a legitimate business. Accepting cards also means they don’t lose out on sales when customers aren’t carrying cash. The fact that it works anywhere is also a big plus – Lakota often trades at markets and festivals in far out areas, and can still accept card payments.

“It’s probably the best investment we’ve made into the business in terms of technology. We’ve made so many extra sales because we’ve been able to offer people card facilities.”

If you’d like to find out how Yoco can help your business grow, get in touch with us here.

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