How Yoco’s payment integrations make choosing POS software a no-brainer

integrated point of sale solutions

Your point of sale (POS) software is the heart of your business. It facilitates the checkout process, captures data and generates informative reports. Having the right POS system for you can make running your business smooth sailing. However, having the wrong POS system, or none at all, can be pretty stormy. You want to get paid, right?

If you’ve ever searched for POS software, you will know that there are tonnes of options available and making a choice can be difficult. Here are the top four things to consider when making your decision:

  1. Your business size: Do you have multiple locations that need to run off one system? Do you have staff members who all need access?
  2. Your industry: A big busy restaurant and a craft market vendor will have very different needs.
  3. What can you afford: Check what the setup fee is and what the ongoing monthly payments will be. If your business does a turnover of R10 000 per month, you won’t want to spend R1 000 (or 10% of your revenue) on a POS system every month.
  4. Does the POS software integrate with your card reader? Having an integrated payments and POS system is essential for streamlining your operations and reducing risk.

What does it mean to have your POS software and payments integrated?

Payments integration takes place when data from the card machine is automatically transferred and synced with another system, for instance, your POS or accounting platform.

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The best way to understand Yoco’s smart integrations is to take a look at what happens when a system POS software is not integrated:

Non-integrated scenario:

Non integrated Point of saleYour cashier rings up an amount for R1 000 on the POS software. They then have to enter that same amount into the card machine and hand it over to the customer to enter their PIN. If the cashier makes a mistake when entering the amount on the card machine, the customer might be overcharged or undercharged.

At the end of the day, your cashier cashes up to make sure everything is balanced and accurate. She does this by counting the cash in the till and making sure it matches the amount of cash received on the POS system. They then add every card machine slip total to make sure it matches the card payments received. This is a time-consuming process, and if there is an error, it can be tough to figure out what happened.

This process can be even more complicated for restaurants and cafes where the amount that is rung up on the POS system often differs from the card payment because the customer adds a tip. In this case, the end of day cash up and recon can be extremely time-consuming. It may also lead to lost tips and unhappy waitrons.

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The Smart Integrations scenario:

When your card reader is integrated with your POS software, your cashier will only need to ring up the total amount on the POS software. They won’t have to re-enter the amount on the card reader, which reduces the risk of human error.

When it’s time to cash up, there is no need to add up all the paper slips. You can trust that the amount shown in the POS software for card payments will be the actual amount. This is a huge time saver for businesses.


Summary: benefits of integrating payments:

  1. Save yourself and your staff time by automating routine daily tasks. Save time and effort by completing till reconciliation, cash ups and more all in one platform.
  2. Reduce human error. Everyone makes mistakes or gets distracted from time to time. By eliminating unnecessary manual input, you reduce mistakes.
  3. Lower your risk of fraud. Because manual card payment entry and cash up is removed this reduces the opportunity for people to make a little money on the side.
  4. Real-time reporting. With all your data feeding into a central system, you’ll have instant access to your business sales, staff performance, and stock levels.

“At Yoco we never set out to build a product, we set out to solve a problem.  And our view is that by both releasing an SDK and building our own POS we are truly able to service a broad range of customers and solve more problems, and this is something we find very exciting.” – Lungisa Matshoba, Yoco CTO

Now let’s take a look at the different POS options available that integrate with your Yoco card reader.


Integrated Point of sale comparison


Upgraded Yoco POS App [Coming Soon!]

Yoco will be updating its POS app in October. The new update is set to make it easier for businesses starting out and those looking to get organised. These are businesses who most likely transacting between R0 and R50 000 per month.

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We will be releasing a number of shiny new features our customers have requested, including split bills, discounts, and categories. This is the first of many exciting upgrades coming soon.


Vend is a world-leading point-of-sale solution for inventory-based retailers. It’s inventory and reporting features designed to help retailers get organised, save time, and make smarter, more profitable decisions. Vend is fast, intuitive and user-friendly. It also operates 100% in the cloud meaning retailers can access their stores anytime, anywhere. Vend is suitable for advanced and multi-outlet retailers looking to manage their inventory.

The integration between Vend and Yoco recently went live with 18 businesses. So far they have loved the experience so we are now rolling out the joint solution to you. Learn more here.


TabletPOS are our oldest partners and have proven themselves as one of the front-runners in the hospitality industry. The software is targeted at fast growing businesses and more established eateries. These are hospitality businesses that do over R100 000 revenue per month. There are currently 303 eateries and coffee shops running on the Yoco-TabletPOS integration all over South Africa.

Theintegration between TabletPOS and Yoco has been seamless, if you don’t integrate you are wasting your time.” – David Donde, owner Truth Coffee

Sign up for TabletPOS and Yoco here.


Pilot is one of the most established players in the hospitality industry. Yoco has been piloting the integration in Cape Town with 43 business owners and will soon be rolling out nationwide. To get set up with Pilot email us at

Whatever your business type or size, Yoco aims to ensure you have everything you need to run your business seamlessly.

If you have questions about how to get the right POS system for your business or how to set up your integration, please email us at

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