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Increase your sales this Easter period

6 easy ways to increase your sales during the Easter period

It’s pretty clear that sales of chocolate skyrocket over Easter (whoever came up with the idea of a rabbit delivering chocolate is a sales genius) but did you know that sales of other items go up too? Holiday time attracts more people to the shops and encourages an increase in

Apps for entrepreneurs in South Africa

Top 8 apps for entrepreneurs

Here at Yoco we get a bit obsessive over apps. With more and more South Africans using smartphones and tablets, they’re a convenient way to communicate with your team, speed up your processes and to organise your life. When we’re not building our own, we love finding, testing and implementing

An image for an article on handling negative online comments.

9 tips for dealing with negative comments online

The online world, particularly social media, allows you to get your business name out into the world much faster, cheaper and more effectively than ever before. With 13 million Facebook and 7.4 million Twitter users in South Africa at the end of 2015, it’s a great way to market your

The Yoco Business Portal Updates

The Yoco Business Portal

Managing your business can sometimes seem a tad bit overwhelming. In fact, 35% of entrepreneurs say that more efficient administrative processes would reduce the time spent working after hours. That’s why we’ve created the Yoco Business Portal, to give you easy-to-understand business intelligence in a central place and make your

Mobile Point Of Sale For Your Business

What’s the point of Mobile Point of Sale?

What would you have said if 10 years ago, we told you that one day you would be able to fit a point of sale register and card machine into your pocket? You’d probably think we were crazy people with wild imaginations or ridiculously large pockets. Luckily for us, the