Get insights and practical advice on how to run a small business from experts and Yoco merchants. Pick up tips to keep your business running smoothly.

An image in an article on improving your small businesses online presence.
insights and advice

Improve your small business’s online presence

Your online presence plays a crucial role in creating awareness and driving sales for your business. Find out how to easily improve yours.

Tech and tools for your business.
insights and advice

Tools for your business

Want to get more done in less time? Lungisa, a Yoco co-founder, shares his favourite tools for your business – no matter how small.

A barista in an article about increasing tips the Yoco way.
food, drink and hospitality

How to increase your tips – the Yoco way

Increasing tips improves staff retention, cash flow, morale and customer service. Learn about our fantastic solution to help increase tips.

An image of an ethernet switch in an article about internet issues.
productivity in business

A quick guide to troubleshooting internet issues

Yoco needs a connection to the web and internet issues can get in the way of sales. Troubleshoot your internet issues and get paid.

An image of the Yoco and Xero integration.
finances and funding

Setting up your Xero and Yoco Integration

Xero’s accounting software allows you take your business to the next level. With the Xero and Yoco integration you can get the best of both.

An image of a card in an article about preventing credit card fraud.
finances and funding

How to prevent credit card fraud in your small business

Learn how credit card fraud happens, how it works and what steps you can take to protect your business from chargebacks.

Selling lollies on the beach.
sales and marketing

Seasonal sales: How to deal with them

Some businesses wax and wane according to the time of the year. If you have to deal with seasonal sales cycles we have some advice for you.

Easy ways to increase Easter sales.
insights and advice

6 easy ways to increase Easter sales

Simple ways for your small business to make the most of the upcoming Easter period. Increase Easter sales with six tips to get you going!

The top apps for entrepreneurs.
productivity in business

Top 8 apps for entrepreneurs

The phone in your hand is a great business tool. Give it business superpowers with these top eight apps for entrepreneurs. Install them now!

How to deal with negative online comments.
customer service

Negative comments online: 9 tips for dealing with them

You can’t avoid it. At some point your business will be the subject of negative comments online. Here is a quick primer on what you can do.

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Gcobani Gogoba from Barista CUP in Cape Town.

Why you need a business purpose

Mpumelelo Mtintso, founder of Book Ibhoni riding past Vilakazi Street.

Books on bikes with Book Ibhoni

Branding on receipts produced buy the Yoco Point of Sale app.

Yoco Point of Sale: Customisable Receipts

An image showing the workspace for an entrepreneur.

Small business finances checklist for the new entrepreneur

An image of a store open sign in an article about opening a retail store.

How to open a retail store

Mikhail of the Yoco support team handling customer queries.

Meet the Yoco Support Team

An image of a Yoco merchant pairing their device in article about the cheapest data bundles.

The cheapest data bundles for Yoco merchants

Jabu Mdluli of Unwrapped in Braamfontein.

The Unwrapped entrepreneur story

A new feature from Yoco that allows you to add tabs to an order.

“Add it to my tab”: Now you can

Coins spilling out of a jar in an article about finding funding for your small business.

Top funding options for small businesses

At a Sushi Box in Cape Town.

Sushi Box unboxes its potential with Yoco Capital

The Yoco Store in Parkhurst, Johannesburg.

What we learnt from setting up the Yoco Store

The Yoco Business Portal screen in article about the uses of the Portal for reconciling accounts.

“I can reconcile my sales in 15 minutes”

An image of Yoco being sold at DigiCape in an article about tips for selling on consignment.

4 tips for selling on consignment

Tina Ngxokolo’s story: culture, fashion and business