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Tips for Motivating your Team During Peak Season

Motivating your team becomes even more crucial during peak season. The sun’s here, people are out and about and visitors are arriving in their millions. From our research we’ve learnt that businesses in South Africa see double the amount of new customers, both local and international, during the festive season (find out more


Infographic: What peak season means for small businesses in South Africa

We all know that the number of visitors to South Africa increases during summer (because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to relax on our beautiful beaches or be part of our unique mix of cultures). Not only is this great for making new friends, but all the festive buzz and activity has

Yoco Grind Coffee

Increase your tips – the Yoco way

If you own a restaurant, bar, or cafe then you know from personal experience that tipping is more than just a “nice to have”. For a lot of your wait staff and bar staff it’s how they manage to make ends meet. Make increasing tips for your staff a priority.

A dashboard with a difference

“Understand the books. It is so critical to know your businesses position on a daily basis. I can make such fast and informed strategic decisions at the drop of a hat because I’m so involved in my daily books.” – Kyle Dods, Founder of My Place We know how important


A quick guide to troubleshooting internet issues

Ah, the internet. It’s dramatically revolutionised the world and caused every person to swear at their PC or cell phone at least once. As an SME, a stable internet connection is vital to your business. The clever people at McKinsey even did a study that found that SME’s and start-ups

How to set up Yoco

Setting up your Yoco – Xero Integration

Let’s face it. Sometimes admin can be pain. As a small business owner, do you ever feel that the hours you spend doing the books could be better used to refine your craft, market your business or even fix up that leak in the roof? That’s where Xero comes in.

How collaboration is enabling entrepreneurs

How tech collaboration is enabling entrepreneurs

“If it doesn’t integrate – don’t bother.” – Lungisa Matshoba, CTO of Yoco. Collaboration is the new competition. In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of tech, building complete stand-alone systems no longer makes sense. The manpower, cost and time required to pre-empt and build every feature yourself leads to companies falling


Preventing credit card fraud in your small business

Losses due to credit card fraud can add up to over R 450 million per year in South Africa. It is also known to be the root cause of many grey hairs. To help you understand card fraud, we’ve asked our VP of Risk & Data, James to explain how

dealing with data

Dealing with data

You don’t know, what you don’t know until you know it. Exposure is how you learn.” Lungisa, Yoco co- founder. When it comes to running a business any entrepreneur will tell you it’s a huge learning curve. Half the things you thought were right turn out to be wrong and

Selling more in a seasonal busines

Dealing with sales fluctuations in seasonal businesses in South Africa

As we move into winter, South Africans tend to prefer the company of their couches and fluffy blankets over going out into the cold. Often industries such as tourism, restaurants and retail stores specialising in products like ice cream see a decline in income during this time. If you own