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Marijke Makomba

Marijke is a freelance writer and subeditor. She has a BCom Economics and Law degree from UCT, and a diploma in Digital Content and Copywriting from Red and Yellow. Once upon a time she was a chef-entrepreneur, but since selling her restaurant, she has been pursuing her lifetime fascination with storytelling. She loves to play her cello, read books, and eat tiramisu.
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How to sell on Instagram: Yoco’s guide for beginners | Part 2

Selling on Instagram doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated – we discuss how to take advantage of all the features that’ll give you the most out of your business profile.

sell on instagram-yoco
insights and advice

How to sell on Instagram: Yoco’s guide for beginners | Part 1

Instagram is one of the most powerful places to do business online. First, we’ll look at how to optimise your business’s profile so you are perfectly set up to start selling on Instagram.

finances and funding

10 things you can do to tackle the risk of small business failure

Small business failure has spiked since the onslaught of Covid-19, and has many entrepreneurs in a panic. Here’s how to tackle the risks, head on.

small business burnout
insights and advice

Small business burnout: what it looks like, and 6 things you can do about it!

Small business burnout is increasingly common. We look at the common signs and symptoms, and how to address it before it gets you under.

working from home
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7 tips for boosting your morning routine while working from home

Working from home is the new normal, but being productive first thing without a separate office space is challenging. Here are our top tips for nailing it!

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10 tips: using social media for customer service this Black Friday

Social media customer service has never been more important – Black Friday is looming, and customers are increasingly flocking online for support. We’ll look at 10 tips to make sure your business nails it!

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Meet the Yoco Neo: here are 10 things you should know

Introducing the Yoco Neo – our next-generation card machine that stands alone. Say goodbye to complexity and #HelloNeo.


8 common online shopping problems customers have, and how to remedy them

Some people are still reluctant to shop online. We discuss the top reasons why, and offer some helpful tips on how small businesses can reassure their online customers.

An image of a coffee shop in an article on beating a sales slump.
insights and advice

Beat the sales slump: working on your marketing

When your sales are dipping, the last thing you want to spend money on is marketing. Find out how to adapt your marketing to beat a sales slump.

e-commerce metrics

7 e-commerce metrics to learn and use for your online store

E-commerce metrics enable online businesses to decide, adapt, and grow faster. Here are the 7 most powerful e-commerce metrics, what they mean, and why they really matter.

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How to set up a simple online store with Shopify


Yoco for WooCommerce | From sign up to set up in less than 10 minutes

Part 3: Unleashing your creativity to market your small business.

Tips on taking your business to the next level.

Business tips to go the next level

Kafui Awoonor of Kafui Naturals applying beard cream.

A Q&A with Kafui Naturals

Geoff Noble of Colombo Coffee in Durban.

5 pieces of advice from Colombo Coffee

A man selling ice cream on Cape Town's beaches.

A Lolly To Make You Jolly on Cape Town’s beaches

Tina Ngxokolo’s story: culture, fashion and business


A marketer’s guide to gift vouchers


Yoco to adjust team size in response to COVID-19 recovery outlook


Simple solutions on how to determine your business’ profitability

Bryan of Rootbar.

How Rootbar took root

Hlobsile Manana of Mbali Rose Hair.

Mbali Rose Hair: Making a hair business work

A pic of the guys at Colombo Coffee in Durban in an article about motivating your employees.

Motivating your employees in busy times

The Small Business Pivot | Pandemic-inspired reinvention

An image of a vendor sitting on a collar on Cape Town's beaches.

JK Vending: “If you don’t pay with Yoco you must be loco”

The Yoco offices in Parkhurst, Johannesburg.

Growing your business with small businesses

An image of a Yoco merchant pairing their device in article about the cheapest data bundles.

The cheapest data bundles for Yoco merchants

Burgers from Smokin' Joes restaurant.

Passion fuels the fire that lights up Smokin’ Joe’s


Tips and ideas to get your business ready for summer

The Yoco Business Portal screen in article about the uses of the Portal for reconciling accounts and in the course on small business finances.

Yoco POS Sales Reconciliation


6 basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tips for beginner bloggers

5 signs you’re ready to open an online store for your business


Relief funding for small businesses during COVID-19

An image for an article on how to handle VAT and how to get money back from SARS.

VAT 101: Getting money back from SARS


Part 1: Strategy before Social for small businesses

10 tips for reopening your beauty business safely


Managing a hospitality business during COVID-19

New Year's fireworks in an article about setting up your business for the new year.

Get your business off to the right start in the new year

The point of sale system at Truth Coffee alongside a Yoco device.

How to choose a Point of Sale system

The top apps for entrepreneurs.

Top 8 apps for entrepreneurs

business portal

How to run your small business with the Yoco Business Portal

COVID19-yoco card machine-1200x675

COVID-19: How to sanitise your card machine


Support Small: will you join the movement?

A Yoco merchant doing their tax administration.

Tax 2019: What you need to know about tax on businesses