A side-by-side comparison: iKhokha vs Yoco

What is the best iKhokha alternative?

While there are many options for businesses in South Africa to accept card payments, our offering is unique in pricing, product and support. With us you get an incredible solution backed up by fantastic support when you need it.

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How Yoco and iKhokha stack up on Features

Yoco is a market leader for card payments with 2/3 new businesses choosing Yoco. It is clear in our value proposition that Yoco is a powerful iKhokha alternative, helping businesses become more efficient and accomplish goals more quickly. This comparison table details the differences of Yoco vs. iKhokha.



Costs and Fees

Card Reader Purchase

Wireless Lite: R1 995 (R1750 ex. VAT)
Wireless Pro: R2 793 (R2450 ex. VAT)

iKhokha Original: R1 995 (R1750 ex. VAT)
iKhokha XL: R3990 (R3500 ex. VAT)

Finance Options

Wireless Lite: R149.62 x 16 weeks + R50 once off fee
Wireless Pro: R209.47 x 16 weeks + R50 once off fee

iKhokha Original: R150 pm x 24 months
iKhokha XL: R270 pm x24 months + R250 activation fee + R27 pm for data

Transaction Rates [1]

2.2 - 3.5% ex. VAT
Custom low rates above R100k in card transactions/month

2.75% ex. VAT

Minimum Fees

R2.00 (R1.75 ex. VAT)
(only for credit card transactions under R50.00)

2.75% ex. VAT

Settlement Fees

R0.00 (minimum settlement R15.00)

R2.00 per day when at least R10 is being settled

Setup and Device Details

Peace of Mind Guarantee

30 day money-back guarantee

Card Reader Warranty

1 year factory warranty

6 month warranty

Device Compatibility

Selected iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets

Selected iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets

Nationwide Delivery

Free delivery in 1-5 business days from approval in SA

Free delivery on first reader only, in 3-5 business days from approval

Approval Process

1-2 hour approval after purchase, 95% Approval Rate

1-3 hour approval after submitting all FICA documents

Free Setup and Activation

NFC Tap Payment Ready

Wireless Pro Only


Pro Reader Stand
Pro Reader Lanyard
Pro Reader Belt Clip
Visa/Mastercard Table Stand (Free in starter pack)
Visa/Mastercard Sticker (Free in starter pack)

iKhokha Sticker
iKhokha Display Stand
XL Lanyard

Platform Features


24-48 hours

1-3 business days

Digital Receipts

Dynamic Pricing [2]

Fees Rebates [3]

3rd Party Integrations

Xero Accounting
iKentoo with TabletPOS

Masterpass (Virtual Pay)

Cloud-based Business Portal

Real-time reports by day, week, month or year
Manage products and have changes reflect in real time for all staff
Invite and manage staff permissions
Save time on end of day cash-ups, your monthly recon and more
View & download a full transaction history including receipts
View all settlements
Download tax invoices

Track your sales with real time graphs
View & download a full transaction history including receipts
View all settlements
Download tax invoices
Track your merchant referrals
Create unique staff login's

Cash Advance

In beta - Contact us

Yes - Qualify for minimum cash advance of R2,500 and maximum of R50,000

Cash Up and Data

Everything is stored in real time in your business portal. Sync everything in the cloud to Xero accounting. More integrations coming soon

Access transaction history and export data from anywhere and at any time with iKhokha biz

Merchant Referral Program

R250 off device for referee and R500 rebated to referrer

R100 off device for referee and R100 rebated to referrer

Point of Sale App

Customer Service

Free Phone and Email Support

Phone Support Hours

09h00 - 22h00 (7 days/week)

08h00 - 18h00 (mon-friday)
08h00 - 17h00 (weekends)

Hello Peter Score

Rating: 4/5
HPI Score: 4.8/10

Rating: 2.33/5
HPI Score: 0.8/10

Facebook Score & Responsiveness

Product Service: 4.4/5
Response Rate: 100%
Typically Replies: within minutes

Product Service: No score
Response Rate: No response rate
Typically Replies: instantly

The information on this page is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. Notice anything wrong? Please contact us.

  1. Transaction Rates: If you process less than R100,000 per month through your Yoco device or devices you will receive a rate between 2.2% and 3.5% ex. VAT for credit and debit cards. We offer custom low rates to customers who transact more than R100,000 per month on the Yoco platform. Learn more about our rates and get a rate estimate online.
  2. Dynamic Pricing: As you transact more your rate will automatically go down and it will never go back up. i.e. If your rate drops and you transact less the following month you still benefit from the lower transaction fees.
  3. Fees Rebate: As you transact more and your transaction rates go down you become eligible for a fees rebate.

Credit Card Reader (Get Paid Anywhere)

Accept all Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. Whatever card your customer has - Chip & PIN, Swipe & Sign, local or international - they can pay on the Yoco credit card reader. Our transaction fees are very competitive and you’ll see deposits in your bank account in one to two working days.

  • It's mobile - get paid anywhere
  • No monthly rental fees
  • Fair transaction fees based on your revenue
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Get paid in 2 business days
  • Process transactions FAST
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Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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